Bahia Province, Brasil.  (2015 - )

“This Miracle” is a project about the landscape of rural dwellers in Brasil’s Bahia province, seen through layers of light and shadow and colour and texture. I was struck by how, despite acute hardship, these utterly impoverished people are able to find pleasure in the everyday, and maintain a remarkable openness. Among Baianos I saw strength, endurance, hope, and the common threads that bind us.

My work catches a glimpse of a complex place, complex lives, and the warmth of the generous people who let me, a stranger, into their homes. They struggle to survive but are sustained, at least in part, by their core family values and religious practices. The glimmers of joy I witnessed, in community celebrations and the imaginative play of children, contrasted sharply with the stark sense of abandonment I perceived, lurking just below the surface. There is a pervasive mood of sadness there, at having been forgotten– an ache for something in the distant past or yet to come, the longing that is saudade.