The Salton Sea, California.  (2015 - )

Siren Song is a body of work that centres on the desert landscape of California’s Salton Sea. What pulls me back to this environment, again and again, is a personal haunting. For me, the area has a ghost-like feeling. The silence, emptiness, and rawness of place lure me in. Town streets give the illusory impression of being un-peopled yet generate a strong sensation of a presence. Something invisible there always stares back at me. Despite my standing solidly in the inescapable here and now of the California desert, I often feel that I am not quite in the past, the present, or the future. I am caught between worlds. I reach out, amidst the realm of shadows, souls, stillness, and loss, to touch the corporeal. The Salton Sea is my siren song and facilitates summoning my own dreams, encountering my own ghosts.