The Salton Sea, California.  (2015 - )

“Siren Song” centres on the desert landscape of California's Salton Sea - a place where life barely whispers. In this work, I focus on the materiality of the landscape and the vestiges of its inhabitants – remains that give a sense of the past. In many ways, Siren Song is more about the people – and their absence – than about the land.

Almost frozen in time, the Salton Sea feels silent and empty. Sparseness, open terrain, the desert’s horizon, and the distant mountains define this world and pull me in. The artifacts of everyday life, embedded in the desolate aesthetics of the landscape, compel me and help draw a connection to the history of this arid environment.

Rather than tell a linear story Siren Song is a reflection of my emotional connection to and understanding of the Salton Sea.