I am a photographer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States. Born in Israel, I spent my childhood and young adult years in Canada. Having received an MFA degree from the University of Calgary, in 1990, I worked in mixed media sculpture installation. I grew up with a father who always seemed to carry a camera by his side but never did I imagine that I, myself, would become serious about photography after the age of 50. Yet, after leaving the visual arts for two decades I came back to it, full time, with a love for photography inspired by my passion for travel.

Part of the reason I am so taken with photography is that the medium is a voyeuristic one - I am a voyeur at heart. Photographs give us an entrance to other worlds. Returning to specific locations again and again allows me to delve deeply, to follow my own connections with the subject, and to get a glimpse of what goes on beneath the surface. I try to capture small truths in my photographs, with the aim of drawing a visual and emotional map of people and place. While I do photograph people, I find I mostly photograph "things." This does not mean that I am disinclined towards people, quite the opposite - for me these things typically reveal a human presence, and this attracts me.  I go up close, I isolate the subject - it is my way of touching it. Currently, I am working on projects in the Salton Sea in California and Bahia Province in Brasil.


  • Photography Now 2017, Juror: William Ewing, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, New York - 2017
  • The Curated Fridge, Juror: Arlette Kayafas, Somerville, Massachusetts - 2017
  • The Curated Fridge and Photoville, Juror: Aline Smithson, Somerville, Massachusetts - 2016
  • The Curated Fridge, Juror: Paula Tognarelli, Somerville, Massachusetts - 2016
  • 22nd Juried Show: Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition, Juror: Elizabeth Avedon,, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, Massachusetts - 2016
  • Belles Go Blitz, Belgo Building, Montreal, Quebec - 1994
  • et les vies s'eclabousseraient de bleu, Centre Interculturel Strathearn, Montreal, Quebec - 1994
  • Small Events, OCCURENCE,  Montreal, Quebec - 1993
  • Groundwork, TRUCK: an artist run centre, Calgary, Alberta - 1991
  • The Works, Manulife Place, Edmonton, Alberta - 1989


  • feet of clay, cage of rib, Artcite, Windsor, Ontario - 1994
  • Learning to Breathe Again, Neutral Ground, Regina, Saskatchewan - 1991
  • Learning to Breathe, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, Alberta - 1990


  • Exploration Program of the Canada Council - 1992


  • Casa Na Ilha Art Residence, Ilhabela, Sao Paulo, Brazil - 2017


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  • MS (Archives Management) Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts - 1996
  • MFA (Sculpture) The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta - 1990
  • BFA (Sculpture) Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec - 1988
  • Sheridan College School of Craft and Design (Textiles), Mississauga, Ontario - 1982 - 1984
  • York University (English Literature), Downsview, Ontario - 1980


  • The Print Swap, Feature Shoot, July 2017
  • Taught three (3) mixed media sculpture classes at The New School. Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec - 1992-1993